Be an Innovator: Help Us Reinvent High School!

The Studio School is a public charter school opening next fall in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota providing an exemplary problem- and project-driven educational program for students in grades 9-12. We offer a studio-based visual arts, media arts, design, and engineering curriculum combined with rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts studies, and local, national, and world-wide experiential service-learning opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff. We cultivate students’ capacity for creativity, curiosity, empathy, and 21st Century citizenship while supporting the development of their personal, creative voice, and leadership abilities.

Contributions to this campaign will help defray legal costs and finance essential outreach, communication, and recruiting initiatives such as purchasing mailing lists and printing informational materials to promote our unique program and reach more students. Starting a charter school is very exciting, but it is largely an unfunded venture until just before students arrive that can only succeed with the help of volunteers and donations. So at this stage of our development a little contribution from you can go a long way towards helping us reinvent high school!

OUR STORY: In February, 2016 our Founding Board of Directors convened at the Highland Park Library for the first time to discuss creating a truly unique high school experience for students that:

  • re-purposes and reinvigorates learning and teaching. 
  • is rooted in civic engagement and real-world problem-solving experiences.
  • addresses the troubling academic engagement and achievement gaps we were seeing in our classrooms and schools.
  • offers students hands-on learning experiences that allow them to enact creativity, cultivate curiosity, and engage in studio practice every day.

Many of us had witnessed the success of these types of learning endeavors in our own teaching practice, but we knew more students deserve these opportunities. So, for the last 18 months we have devoted our time, creativity and energy to realizing this dream. Now, as we get closer to opening our doors in September, we're hoping you'll be inspired to innovate with us and help us cross the finish line!

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Note: This fundraising campaign is sponsored by The Studio School Foundation
an independent, non-profit, philanthropic organization that raises funds to enrich students' learning experiences, support exemplary teaching, and assist the The studio School in fulling it's mission. Any donation to this fundraising campaign has no bearing on a students' eligibility for admission to The Studio School.

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